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Our custom print cardboard supports all smartphones major smartphones.

POP! CARDBOARD is for everyone. Of course depending on your glasses’ width (below 13 cm / 5.2 inches is perfect) , you can generally use all versions of the Cardboard.

Yes, we can design you free of charge using the picture given. You can design your VR too if you have experience with Adobe Illustrator.

We accept credit card and bank transfers.

It takes around 2~5 weeks from design approval, depends on location and quantity.

We offer free (included in unit price) delivery to most of the countries. We will let you know if there any additional delivery cost to your location before you order.

Yes, we work with clients all over the world and have vast experience in shipping orders

Our ordering process is very straight-forward. Please have a look at ‘HOW TO ORDER’ guidelines or contact us at and our sales team will be more than happy to help you.

Our MOQ is just 100 units for custom print VR viewers.

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