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Standard Google Cardboard V2


Get a top-of-the-line VR viewing experience at an affordable price with our pre-designed and pre-printed Standard Google Cardboard VR V2 in multiple colors such as Brown, Black, Pink and White. Made from AAA grade corrugated paper, this product is the strongest material on the market, ensuring the highest quality for the price.

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Experience immersive VR with our large 34mm asymmetrical biconvex lenses, perfect for mobile VR viewing. The thumb tap hole adds an extra layer of convenience to the user experience, making it easy to use.

This VR headset comes pre-assembled, ready to use right out of the box. Each headset is constructed from high-quality grade cardboard, ensuring durability.

Customize your cardboard with our premium add-ons, including nose & forehead padding, phone sucking pad, and high-quality velcro head straps.

Our Standard Google Cardboard VR V2 is compatible with most Android and iPhone screen sizes, supporting hundreds of VR apps such as Youtube, Vrse, and Matterport.

To protect your headset, it comes securely packed away in a protective sleeve. Additionally, optional high-quality velcro head straps provide extra comfort and stability during use.

Order a free sample now and experience the quality of standard Google Cardboard Premium at an affordable price.

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